Client Relations

Client Relations

We believe it is vital that every client should be able to relate to a partner who will be familiar with that client’s business and legal needs. For this reason we allocate to every client a “Client Parter” who will be responsible for the overall relationship between the client and the firm, unless the client decides to relate to another partner.
We take complaints made against our niche firm or individuals in the professional capacity very seriously. It is our policy to investigate complaints promptly and thoroughtly. Should the client be unhappy with us, we encourage him/her not to hesitate to contact any of the practitioners or the President of the firm

Workshops / Seminars / Conference And Language Skills

Most of our practitioners have lectured and /or are still lecturing in Universities and other higer institution of learning. We are always pleased to provide lectures and seminars to our clients specifically tailored to their needs, introducing their staff to legal concepts and their practical consequences with which they need to be familiar. To ensure a cost effective service to our clients, we have extensive information and research facilities and a comprehensive professional training programme. We have within our niche firm specialists in a number of business language [French, German, Italian and Spanish] who facilitate our relationship with our foreign clients.

Conflict Of Interest In Our Assignment

Occasionally, we do find out that we are unable to take up matters we are asked to do because we may have already been involved on behalf of another client in the same matter. In the event of this happening, we shall decline a brief as its acceptance might give rise to a conflict of interest. We shall, however, be willing to recommend another firm or lawyer to handle the matter. That we are unable to take up a particular brief because of conflict of interest does not mean that we will decline the client’s other dispute or matters.


Confidentiality is the keystone of our relationship with clients. This is not just a principle under which we operate, but a legal requirement which enables the client to rely in us implicitly and to be open in his/her discussion with us. It is our professional principle not to state the identity of our clients or the work we have carried out for them and we have in line with this principle carefully avoided stating the details herein.

Accreditation As An Arbitrator & ADR Practitioner

Arbitration & ADR In Africa provides internationally certified and recognised Continuing Professional Development Courses who credits may be used for new application for accreditation and/or up-grade of membership of the International Dispute Resolution Institute and other similar institutes.

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