Fees And Charging Structure

Fees And Charging Structure

We recognise that a vital factor in relationships with clients generally is the level of our charges. It is our policy to charge our clients reasonable fees for the advice and work we do for them. We keep our charges highly competitive in relation to the rates charged by other niche firms.
We generally aim to ensure that our clients receive good value for money and that we receive fair reward for our skill. In charging fees we generally consider the complexity of the matter, the difficulty involved, the skill and labour, the specialized knowledge and responsibility involved, the urgency of the matter, the value of the transaction, the place where the matter is transacted and the financial ability of the client.

We are also keen to find ways to help clients handle payment of our fees and when appropriate, the head of the department of the relevant area of practice or another partner will discuss this with the client before commencement or at any stage of transaction. Payment on account may also be requested where considerable research will be undertaken by us or our foreign associates, particularly where the work takes place outside the country.
In circumstances where the client affairs are required to be entirely handled by our overseas associates or by lawyers in other jurisdictions appointed by us, we will arrange for our foreign colleagues to bill you directly although we always review such bills to ensure that they are in line with our charging structure.
In any event, we are always happy to discuss and agree in advance on a mutually acceptable basis for charging whether it is service to be rendered entirely by us or in association with our foreign colleagues or entirely by lawyers in other jurisdictions appointed by us.

Appointment Of Arbitrators & ADR Practitioners

It is a condition precedent for appointment or recommendation that every Arbitrator or ADR Practitioner must be qualified and competent, and all our Arbitrators & ADR Practitioners are and have tremendous capacity for providing full Arbitration & ADR services. After discussing with the client, we will match the particular requirements of the dispute with the skill, qualification and experience

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